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10am Congregation News and Events

20 October Bulletin       Oct - Dec 2019 Preaching Plan       Archived Bulletins and Orders of Service

Upcoming 10am Services

Sunday 20 October, 10am Morning Worship: Rev Motekiai Fakatou (Order of Service)
Sunday 27 October, 10am Morning Worship: Rev Motekiai Fakatou

Lectionary readings

Sunday 20 October: Jer 31:27-34, Ps 119, 97-104, 2 Tim 3: 14, 4: 5, Lk 18: 1-8
Sunday 27 October: Joel 2: 23-32, Ps 65, 2 Tim 4: 6-8, 16-18, Lk 18: 9-14

Parish and 10am Meetings and Events Coming Up  

Seismic Strengthening Committee Tuesday, 22 Oct, 7pm
10am Young Adults Friday, 18 Oct, 6pm, Vestry & Lounge
10am Congregation Event, Saturday, 2 Nov, 5pm, Drama Christi
Combined Youth Choir Practise Friday, 25th Oct & 1st Nov, Church, 6pm
Parish Youth Service, Sunday 3 Nov, 10am
Parish AGM Sunday, 3 Nov, 12pm
Social Committee Meeting Sunday, 3 Nov, time tbc

Seismic Strengthening Newsletter

The September issue of our Seismic Strengthening newsletter is available here, with more information about the seismic strengthening project.


The October edition of Touchstone is available online at http://www.methodist.org.nz/touchstone and at the back of the church.

Children’s Time Volunteers

Everyone who helps to run our Children’s time programme should have already returned their completed police check forms to the office. If you haven’t returned them, you will not be able to run Children’s time until you do.
If you are unsure what you need to do, or if you need to do a police check, talk to Daphne or email the office.


Thank you to those that have sent through pictures and photos. If you have any pictures or photos, please submit this through to the parish office asap.
It can be in any medium (paint, drawing, digital, pho-tos) but needs to be able to be printed on A4 (dimensions available from the office).
Open to all ages, everyone is welcome to submit something. Fundraising Committee will pick their favourites, along with some historical photos, and we will make them into a 2020 calendar avail-able to buy!
The Calendars will be $15 each, orders, collect in early November and a sample will be ready to view later this month.
We are only doing a limited run, so if you want one get in quick! A perfect Christmas gift for Family and Friends!"

Drama Christi

Drama Christi members are currently re-hearsing "Between the Lines".
Directed by Alex Garside, it is to be performed in the Studio at the beginning of December.
Watch out for further details.

Worship Services during Strengthening

All our worship services will be at the New Hall and our morning tea will be at the Old Hall.
Due to less parking space we may have two congregations combined or each congregation will have their own communion service on first Sundays.

Combined Morning Tea

Please, remember to bring a plate for our shared morning tea 3 Nov after Youth and Young Adults Combined service.


Help us celebrate our 50th birthday!


DCM Food Bank

Donations of food are still welcome – the following is the shopping list that was used for the appeal. These items are still those we need the most going forward:
· Tinned soup, stews and ready meals
· Pasta and curry sauces
· Tinned fish
· Jam, honey, peanut butter
· Tinned fruit
· Biscuits, crackers, muesli bars
· Soap, toilet paper, washing powder
Food can be dropped off to DCM week days, to the Chaffers New World donation bin anytime, or via our local weekly offering.

Synod SALT News

Introducing the new Synod Secretary – Hilary Fiennes
Hilary is a member of the team at Wesley Community Action in Wellington and has agreed to assist the Synod. Hilary and her team deal with finance and administration matters and are based in Epworth House. Hilary is a finance professional who has worked in the not-for-profit sector for many years, having moved to NZ from the UK with her family in 2005.
Welcome to the Lower North Island Synod Hilary!

Synod Meeting at Levin Uniting, 16 November
The venue for the end-of-year Synod will be Levin Uniting where the presbyter Sandra Williams with be received into Full Connex-ion by one of the Presidential Team and we’ll farewell members who are moving to new appointments in the early next year. Watch out for Agenda and timing details in late October.

Be a Kaibosh Food Rescue Hero!

Seven days a week Kaibosh trucks are on the road rescuing food from businesses in the Wellington region, including supermarkets, logistic companies and farmers’ markets. They redistribute this food to 65 community groups, who pass it on to local people in need. They provide their service free of charge to food donors and community groups, relying on donations to rescue and redistribute food. 
Kaibosh Needs your help to support homeless women in Wellington: Without support from Kaibosh, homeless women wouldn't be able to access healthy food. 
We can't rescue and redistribute food without your help. We need your support to make sure quality food doesn't end up in landfill, instead reaching vulnerable homeless women. For more information, please go to https://www.kaibosh.org.nz/donatefunds/

Trade Aid

CWS invites you to shop online at Trade Aid. When you make a purchase on line, Trade Aid will give 20% of the sale price to CWS's work. This unique opportunity is available for a limited period only.
Make your selection, set up your account and simply enter the special promotional code “ChristianWorldServiceFundraiser19” in the box marked Promo Code when you check out. This offer is only available on line.
Trade Aid sells beautiful handmade products and high quality food items on line. By buying fair trade you are directly supporting the people who make or process the goods and a fair trade premium for the whole community.

Public Issues

NZ and West Papua
Politically New Zealand has chosen to keep aligned with Indonesia, keeping in step with Australia, the US and the alliances associated with anticommunism during the post war period.
When Indonesia became independent of the Dutch in 1962, there was provision for West Papua to become self-determining from 1969. Instead a military regime was imposed to protect Indonesia’s interests in keeping West Papua within the Indonesian federation.
The struggle of West Papuans to expose ill-treatment, conflict-related deaths of over 500,000 people, imprisonment, fleeing across the border to Papua New Guinea, their exploitation in mines, the taking of land for foreign investment and for deforestation has been largely told by exiled leaders. Periodically they visit New Zealand.
It has been hard to spread news of the West Papuan struggle and we need to keep it in view in our attention to justice.
See more. http://www.methodist.org.nz/%20public_questions_network/pi_resources

Hope, Harm and Alternatives to Uplift.
Recently Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft spoke of the new Oranga Tamariki legislation as a second opportunity for a revolution for children taken into the state care. The first was in 1989 after Puao te Atatu. The hope lies in the obligations to place Maori children with whanau, hapu, Iwi – to keep kinship ties.
A woman who is now a professional social worker spoke at the same event, but with much more skepticism. Paora was taken into state care as a young girl, along with her brother and sister. The trauma of abuse and fear has left a legacy of life-long harm.
Healing from such harm requires deep and sustained care. Moira Lawler, Chief Executive of Lifewise spoke their Mana Whanau programme where a carer may virtually live in with a family to enable them to meet whatever challenges are on top for them. The emphasis is on community networks and support.
Read more at http://www.methodist.org.nz/%20public_questions_network/pi_resources

Towel Roster

Towels are provided to those who come to use our showers during the week.
We are looking for more people to join the towel washing roster.
If you are unable to wash the towels, please consider doing a special donation to the parish for us to take them to the laundry.
If you are willing, or want more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fundraisers and Parish Events

If you are having a fundraiser, or have an event that is open to people outside of the Congregation, let us know in the office! We will share it with our networks and help you get the word around to encourage people to come!


The next issue of Wesley@10 is available here and at the back of the church .
Thank you to Ashleigh and Colin for pulling it together.

Car Passes

Please make sure that you are displaying a current car pass when parking at church. Parking is only available for church activities. If you have any questions, please contact Alan Dine.

Parish Mobile Phone

A reminder if you notice any maintenance items, things missing or anything else that the office may need to know please text the parish mobile 027 359 3933 or call the main phone 04 384 7695 and leave a message. Both are cleared daily.


If you aren’t coming to church on the Sunday that you are rostered, please sort your own swap and let the office know so we can keep the roster up to date, acknowledge the right people and provide them information as required.

The Studio Dance Lessons Fundraiser

10 trip dance lessons from the studio are still available from the office. Retail price is $150, we are selling them for $100. Classes are Tuesdays and Thursday nights in the New Hall.

Bulletin information

The office is always looking for more information for the bulletin. If you have any news you would like to share with the congregation, please let the office know by noon on Thursday and we can include it. This could be events in your neighbourhood, or good or bad news you would like to share.

Wesley Community Action News

See Wesley@10 for the latest WCA news or go to their website http://www.wesleyca.org.nz/

10am Women's Fellowship

The 10am women’s prayer fellowship have moved their meeting back to the third Sunday of each month at 9am in the Vestry. It is for 10am women to get together to pray for the needs of this church, our families and global issues.

Methodist Church App for your Smart Phone

'Methodist New Zealand' can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Best of all it is FREE!
Available now...
   Discount coupons through the CSC Buying Group. Paint, hardware, tyres, rental cars and lots more.
   Free small group resources.
   Free resources for you and you family.
   Access to Christian movies for a small fee.
   Casting to your TV with Chromecast or Google TV.
Coming up...
   A daily devotional to prepare for Conference 2018.
   Livestream of Conference 2018 Services.|
And much more to come as we add specific Methodist Church of New Zealand content.
Parishes can have a custom App for a small monthly fee and use it to post sermons, newsletters and send meeting reminders. It can also be used for secure giving.
Add the App to your Smart Phone today!

Office Hours

The Parish Office is now open from Tuesday 11am to 4pm and Wednesday to Friday 10am to 4pm.


Each month the Connexional Office compiles a newsletter of information which has been distributed during the month plus notices and newsletters from other parts of the Church. The February 2018 edition of the eMessenger is now available on the Methodist website http://www.methodist.org.nz/e_messenger

Reminder to Supervise Children

A quick reminder to supervise children while you are here. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children while on the Church site. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Other Information

Receiving 10am bulletin and Newsletter by email -  Anyone is welcome to receive the 10am bulletin and newsletter by email. If you are interested please send your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. details
Bulletin Contributions - Please note that any contributions for the Sunday bulletin need to be in the office by 12pm every Thursday.
Bookings Mobile Number - The Bookings Mobile Number is 027 359 3933. This is where you can report problems with your booking of Parish property - eg already in use, something broken, not cleaned by previous users etc
Other Activities - The 10am Congregation takes part and plans a range of different activities. Some focused on developing spirituality, while others designed as social gatherings.

For more information on our events, please see the 10am Congregation's Facebook page! 10am Congregation Facebook

 See you at our next event!


Archived Orders of Service                                          Archived Bulletins and Parish News

Sunday 13 October 2019                                                           Sunday 13 October 2019
Sunday 6 October 2019                                                              Sunday 6 October 2019
Sunday 29 September 2019                                                     Sunday 29 September 2019
Sunday 22 September 2019                                                     Sunday 22 September 2019
Sunday 15 September 2019                                                     Sunday 15 September 2019
Sunday 8 September 2019                                                        Sunday 8 September 2019
Sunday 1 September 2019                                                        Sunday 1 September 2019
Sunday 25 August 2019                                                              Sunday 25 August 2019
Sunday 18 August 2019                                                              Sunday 18 August 2019
Sunday 11 August 2019                                                              Sunday 11 August 2019
Sunday 4 August 2019                                                                 Sunday 4 August 2019
Sunday 28 July 2019
                                                                     Sunday 28 July 2019 
Sunday 21 July 2019
                                                                     Sunday 21 July 2019
Sunday 14 July 2019
                                                                     Sunday 14 July 2019
Sunday 7 July 2019                                                                        Sunday 7 July 2019
Sunday 30 June 2019
                                                                   Sunday 30 June 2019
Sunday 23 June 2019
                                                                   Sunday 23 June 2019
Sunday 16 June 2019                                                                   Sunday 16 June 2019
Sunday 9 June 2019
                                                                      Sunday 9 June 2019
Sunday 2 June 2019
                                                                      Sunday 2 June 2019
Sunday 26 May 2019
                                                                    Sunday 26 May 2019
Sunday 19 May 2019
                                                                   Sunday 19 May 2019
Sunday 12 May 2019
                                                                    Sunday 12 May 2019
Sunday 5 May 2019
                                                                       Sunday 5 May 2019
Sunday 28 April 2019
                                                                  Sunday 28 April 2019
Easter Sunday 21 April 2019                                                   Sunday 21 April 2019
Good Friday 19 Friday 2019
Sunday 14 April 2019                                                                   Sunday 14 April 2019
Sunday 7 April 2019                                                                      Sunday 7 April 2019
Sunday 31 March 2019                                                               Sunday 31 March 2019
Sunday 24 March 2019
                                                              Sunday 24 March 2019
                                                                                                                   Sunday 17 March 2019
Sunday 10 March 2019
                                                               Sunday 10 March 2019
Sunday 3 March 2019
                                                                  Sunday 3 March 2019
Sunday 24 February 2019
                                                         Sunday 24 February 2019
Sunday 17 February 2019 
                                                       Sunday 17 February 2019
Sunday 10 February 2019                                                         Sunday 10 February 2019
Sunday 3 February 2019
                                                            Sunday 3 February 2019
Sunday 27 January 2019                                                            Sunday 27 January 2019
Sunday 20 January 2019                                                            Sunday 20 January 2019
Sunday 13 January 2019                                                            Sunday 13 January 2019
Sunday 6 January 2019                                                                                                 
Sunday 30 December 2018
Christmas Day 2018
Christmas Eve 2018
Sunday 23 December 2018                                                       Sunday 23 December 2018
Sunday 16 December 2018                                                       Sunday 16 December 2018
Sunday 9 December 2018                                                          Sunday 9 December 2018
Sunday  2 December 2018                                                         Sunday  2 December 2018
Sunday 25 November 2018
                                                       Sunday  25 November 2018
Sunday 18 November 2018
                                                      Sunday 18 November 2018
Sunday 11 November 2018                                                      Sunday 11 November 2018
Sunday 4 November 2018                                                         Sunday 4 November 2018
Sunday 28 October 2018                                                           Sunday 28 October 2018
Sunday 21 October 2018                                                           Sunday 21 October 2018
Sunday 14 October 2018                                                           Sunday 14 October 2018
Sunday 7 October 2018                                                               Sunday 7 October 2018
Sunday 30 September 2018                                                      Sunday 30 September 2018
Sunday 23 September 2018                                                      Sunday 23 September 2018
Sunday 16 September 2018                                                      Sunday 16 September 2018
Sunday 9 September 2018                                                         Sunday 9 September 2018
Sunday 2 September 2018                                                         Sunday 2 September 2018
Sunday 26 August 2018                                                               Sunday 26 August 2018
Sunday 19 August 2018                                                               Sunday 19 August 2018
Sunday 12 August 2018                                                               Sunday 12 August 2018
Sunday 5 August 2018                                                                  Sunday 5 August 2018
Sunday 29 July 2018                                                                      Sunday 29 July 2018
Sunday 22 July 2018                                                                      Sunday 22 July 2018
Sunday 15 July 2018                                                                      Sunday 15July 2018
Sunday 8 July 2018                                                                        Sunday 8 July 2018
Sunday 1 July 2018                                                                        Sunday 1 July 2018
Sunday 24 June 2018                                                                    Sunday 24 June 2018
Sunday 17 June 2018                                                                    Sunday 17 June 2018
Sunday 10 June 2018                                                                    Sunday 10 June 2018
Sunday 3 June 2018                                                                       Sunday 3 June 2018
Sunday 27 May 2018                                                                    Sunday 27 May 2018
Sunday 20 May 2018                                                                     Sunday 20 May 2018
Sunday 13 May 2018                                                                     Sunday 13 May 2018
Sunday 6 May 2018                                                                        Sunday 6 May 2018
Sunday 29 April 2018                                                                    Sunday 29 April 2018
Sunday 22 April 2018                                                                    Sunday 22 April 2018
Sunday 15 April 2018                                                                    Sunday 15 April 2018
Sunday 8 April 2018                                                                       Sunday 8 April 2018
Easter Sunday 1 April 2018                                                       Easter Sunday 1 April 2018 
Good Friday 30 March 2018
Sunday 25 March 2018                                                                 Sunday 25 March 2018
Sunday 18 March 2018                                                                 Sunday 18 March 2018
Sunday 11 March 2018                                                                 Sunday 11 March 2018
Sunday 4 March 2018                                                                    Sunday 4 March 2018
Sunday 25 February 2018                                                          Sunday 25 February 2018
Sunday 18 February 2018                                                           Sunday 18 February 2018
Sunday 11 February 2018                                                          Sunday 11 February 2018
Sunday 4 February 2018                                                             Sunday 4 February 2018
Sunday 28 January 2018                                                             Sunday 28 January 2018
Sunday 21 January 2018                                                              Sunday 21 January 2018
Sunday 14 January 2018                                                              Sunday 14 January 2018
Sunday 7 January 2018
Sunday 31 December 2017
Christmas Day 2017
Christmas Eve 2017
Sunday 24 December 2017
Sunday 17 December 2017                                                         Sunday 17 December 2017
Sunday 10 December 2017                                                         Sunday 10 December 2017
Sunday 3 December 2017                                                            Sunday 3 December 2017
Sunday 26 November 2017                                                         Sunday 26 November 2017
Sunday 19 November 2017                                                         Sunday 19 November 2017
Sunday 12 November 2017                                                         Sunday 12 November 2017
Sunday 5 November 2017                                                            Sunday 5 November 2017
Sunday 29 October 2017                                                              Sunday 29 October 2017
Sunday 22 October 2017                                                              Sunday 22 October 2017
Sunday 15 October 2017                                                              Sunday 15 October 2017
Sunday 8 October 2017                                                                 Sunday 8 October 2017
Sunday 1 October 2017                                                                 Sunday 1 October 2017
Sunday 24 September 2017                                                        Sunday 24 September 2017
Sunday 17 September 2017                                                        Sunday 17 September 2017
Sunday 10 September 2017                                                        Sunday 10 September 2017
Sunday 3 September 2017                                                           Sunday 3 September 2017
Sunday 27 August 2017                                                                 Sunday 27 August 2017
Sunday 20 August 2017                                                                 Sunday 20 August 2017
Sunday 13 August 2017                                                                 Sunday 13 August 2017
Sunday 6 August 2017                                                                    Sunday 6 August 2017
Sunday 30 July 2017                                                                        Sunday 30 July 2017
Sunday 23 July 2017                                                                        Sunday 23 July 2017
Sunday 16 July 2017                                                                        Sunday 16 July 2017
                                                                                                                       Sunday 9 July 2017
Sunday 2 July 2017                                                                           Sunday 2 July 2017
Sunday 25 June 2017                                                                      Sunday 25 June 2017
Sunday 18 June 2017                                                                      Sunday 18 June 2017 
Sunday 11 June 2017                                                                      Sunday 11 June 2017
Sunday 4 June 2017                                                                         Sunday 4 June 2017
Sunday 28 May 2017                                                                       Sunday 28 May 2017
Sunday 21 May 2017                                                                       Sunday 21 May 2017
Sunday 14 May 2017                                                                       Sunday 14 May 2017         
                                                                                                                       Sunday 7 May 2017
Sunday 30 April 2017                                                                      Sunday 30 April 2017
Sunday 23 April 2017                                                                      Sunday 23 April 2017
Easter Sunday 16 April 2017                                                      Sunday 16 April 2017
Good Friday 14 April 2017
Sunday 9 April 2017                                                                         Sunday 9 April 2017
Sunday 2 April 2017                                                                         Sunday 2 April 2017
Sunday 26 March 2017                                                                  Sunday 26 March 2017
Sunday 19 March 2017                                                                  Sunday 19 March 2017
Sunday 12 March 2017                                                                  Sunday 12 March 2017
Sunday 5 March 2017                                                                     Sunday 5 March 2017

Sunday 29 January 2017                                                               Sunday 29 January 2017
Sunday 22 January 2017                                                               Sunday 22 January 2017
Sunday 15 January 2017                                                               Sunday 15 January 2017
Sunday 18 December 2016                                                         Sunday 18 December 2016
Sunday 11 December 2016                                                         Sunday 11 December 2016
Sunday 4 December 2016                                                            Sunday 4 December 2016


Archived Photos

10am Christmas Party 2012

10am Leaders MeetingTuesday 16 July, 7pm, Vestry