Fijian Congregation

Ni sa bula vinaka!

The beginnings of the Wellington Methodist Fijian Congregation go back to 1977 when Penaia Samusamuvodre and Emori Sevusevudredre brought together a group of Fijian Christians to form the Fijian Christian Fellowship meeting at the YMCA in Willis Street. Paula Sotutu, the Deputy Fiji High Commissioner, led the group to become part of Wesley Church in Taranaki Street where monthly services began in the hall in early 1978. Later these changed to twice a month. When Paula and his family moved to London in 1979, Archie Seeto took over the leadership.

The congregation is currently served by Talatala Rev. Sikeli Cawanikawai, Vakatawa Maikali Bulicakau and lay preachers.

Our Mission

Empowering each member to strive for a sustainable and continuous spiritual growth, and understanding the tasks at hand within the ministry, in order to create an enviornment that is enriching, inspiring with a message of hope to those within the congregation and in the community (Matthew 28:19 - the greatest commission).

Our Service

Post Covid-19 Update:  We are back!

6am Dawn service in Drama Christi (Masumasu)
4pm - Fijian Language church service.

The church service are held in the hall, follow the church signs on the pavement.

All are welcome

Our church services are conducted in Fijian but tailored to cater to the needs of other non-Fijian speaking attendees. On first Sundays, we join in the Combined Service of Holy Communion at 10am, and have our Confederacy Service at 1pm.

Other Sundays, services are held at 4pm. Sunday School is held in conjunction with this service, from 2-4pm, in the Old Hall.

On 3rd Sundays we would have a service at 9:30am in the New Hall to conclude our monthly congregational camp, but because the church is being strengthen, this church service is now at 4pm and there's no camp until further notice. Our Youth Sunday is every 5th Sunday.

Other Activities

Fijian Men's Fellowship (Paula Tabua):

Our Men's Fellowship is held every second and fourth Monday in the vestry from 7:30pm. At times, it is held in homes of visiting members.

Fijian Women's Fellowship (Kula Bower):

Held every second and fourth Monday in the chapel from 7:30pm.

Youth Group (Imanueli Bese):

Meets every Monday night in the Old Hall from 7:30pm.

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study:

Our prayer meetings and bible study are held every alternate Sunday respectively (2nd and 4th Sundays). The congregation gathers in the chapel from 2:30pm until 3:30pm before the Fijian service at 4pm.

Congregational Monthly Camps:

Held in the New Hall on the third Friday (Weekend ) of every month, starting on Friday evening and ending with a church service at 9:00am on Sunday morning (except in December and January). Camp activities are customed to meet all age groups - e.g. bible studies and games, trivia, team building, etc.

Our Congregation Leaders

Presbyter (Talatala): Rev. Sikeli Cawanikawai
Lay Leader (Vakatawa): Maikali Bulicakau
Steward (Tuirara): Isaia Vakamoce
Assistant Steward: Amena Tokalautawa