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Our Seismic Strengthening Newsletters

Every month we publish a Seismic Strengthening Newsletter updating our Congregation on the developments of the Seismic Strengthening project and other information associated with the project we think they should know.

You can find all of our newsletters below.


Issue 1 - September 2018  Our introductory issue where we explain what it is, why we are doing it, whjo is working onit, when is it all going to happen, what is being done and what will it cost.
Issue 2 - October 2018  In this issue we talked about the archaeological assessment which was commmissioned, and a brief history of the church which makes us a place of high historic and archaeological significance.
Issue 3 - November 2018 Just before this issue, Wellington had a relatively large earthquake, so it was a good time to talk about why were were making the changes to the church by going through what cause earthquakes in New Zealand, the history of earthquakes in Wellington and our church's relationship with earthquakes. 
Issue 4 - December 2018 The focus of this issue was how we are going to pay for the project,  specifically Fundraising. We talked about the Fundraising Committee and some of the upcoming and recent, events
Issue 5 - February 2019  Around the time of this issue, there was scaffolding up around the church, and some holes in the walls the builders and architects were using to uncover the structure of the church. We used this issue to share some of the process they were following, why they were doing it and what they were finding.
Issue 6 - March 2019               Between issue 5 and 6, we got our resource consent for the project which we had been waiting on for a little while.  Given that, we explained in this issue what a resource consent is and why ours took so long to get.
Issue 7 - April 2019  This issue was published the day after the Carboot sale was planned for, which was postponed due to terrible weather. We spent the issue taling about all of the exciting things that had already been planned ready for the sale.
Issue 8- June 2019 The focus of this issue was the plan for the Strengthening of the Church, especially the changes happening to the Annex.



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