Earthquake Prone Buildings

The following buildings are considered Earthquake Prone:

  • Old Hall
  • Drama Christi
  • Church

Please note the above buildings  have been assessed by Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd. (Beca) as having an overall seismic performance of less than 33% NBS (New Building Standard).

A building with 33% NBS or less is categorised as an Earthquake Prone Building.

The Old Hall and Drama Christi have  foundation weakness which specifically resulted in the <33% assessment but that weakness, on its own, is not considered to pose any significant increase in life safety risk to occupants.

In the Church the organ and the localised area of mezzanine pose a higher risk due to the potential weight impact.

They are not  new buildings and is therefore exposing occupants to increased risk compared to a new building – however, timber structures are generally considered to pose a low risk of fatalities and low risk of wholesale collapse.

For further information please contact the person below.

Carolyn Dale

Parish Support Services Manager, Wellington Methodist Parish

75 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

PO Box 6133, Marion Square, Wellington 6141

Ph 04 384 7695

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