Your Wedding at Wesley

Booking the Church

Your booking will be confirmed when we have received the completed form, available from the Parish Office, which includes your acceptance of the conditions of use, with your non-refundable deposit. Please return this within three weeks. (If your deposit is not received in this time, your booking will lapse.)

Please note that bookings for the use of either of our halls (not usually available on Friday nights or weekends) are not included in a booking for the church, and need to be made separately.

Officiating Minister / Marriage Celebrant

One of the Wesley Ministry Team will be happy to officiate at your wedding. If you use this option, you will need to meet with the minister at least once. It is usual for there to be 2-4 meetings with the minister, depending on individual circumstances.

If you use a minister or celebrant who is not part of the Wesley Team, please advise our Office Administrator.

Regardless of who the minister or celebrant is, the Wesley Marriage Register is always to be used.

Church Seating

The church will comfotably seat around 300, with another 150 in the upstairs area (if used).


One of the Wesley organists is available to provide music, if you wish. There is a fee for this service. You are welcome to use your own choice of musicians.

The sound system in the church is available for your use, but does have limitations, and you may need to provide your own additional equipment.

Floral Decorations

You may provide your own floral decorations. If you have them prepared by those responsible for floral arrangements at Wesley there is usually a fee involved. We can put you in touch with the Flower Convenor to discuss the options.

We appreciate it if at least one floral arrangement remains in the church, and one in the foyer, after your wedding.


Car parking is not available at the church on a week day, except for the bridal party. Please advise your guests that parking in numbered spots may result in their vehicle being clamped or towed at their own expense.

On a Saturday, arrangements for some parking can usually be made (please speak to the Office Administrator).


The custodian will be in attendance to open and close the buildings, both for any rehearsal held outside of office hours, and for the wedding ceremony.


Fees for the use of the church and associated facilities are subject to review from time to time. Currently the church for weddings is $600.00 incl. GST.


Wesley Church is widely used, both by the Wesley congregations and by various community organisations.

Our activities always need to have priority use of the buildings. In the unusual event of a major event coming up suddenly (e.g. a Parish funeral) we will do our best to work around your booking, or make other arrangements with you.

We consider our building a church – not an auditorium. The banners hanging in the sanctuary are not to be moved. We also ask that any furniture that is moved is placed back in the same location. No food is to be brought into the church during your rehearsal, wedding or at any other time.

We ask that you respect the culture, theology and practices of this parish.

Contact us for more information.